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James Butler (Physics)
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Shereen Khoja (Comp Sci)
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SCI 255 Science & History of Infomation 
We are living in the Information Age—a time in which information is a driving force in human experience. Everything from human languages to computer data to DNA to scientific models of the universe are based on the encoding and transmission of information. In England, students will visit places, see artifacts, and learn from people central to the history and science of information—from Stonehenge to King’s College to Bletchley Park. Through firsthand experiences, students will gain insights into the historical development of the concept of information and the ability to explain its role in current scientific and technological frameworks.



Fri 5/31/19
Early arrivers at the London airport will be met by one of the instructors and guided to room at PubLove The White Ferry.
Sat 6/1/19
All others arrive in London at the airport, are met by instructor(s) and guided to room at PubLove The White Ferry.

Introductory dinner in London.
Sun 6/2/19
We will visit the British Library at 11am to see some of the oldest known examples of English writing including the Nowell codex (Beowulf). We will visit the Writing: Making Your Mark exhibit.

Free time in London in the afternoon (meals on your own) .
Mon 6/3/19
Depart London at 8am from Victoria Station

We will take a tour to Stonehenge and Bath including entry to the Baths.

Dinner in Bath.

Arrive in London at 7:30pm
Tue 6/4/19
Depart London at 8am from Victoria Coach Station.
Arrive in Oxford at 10am at Oxford Bus Station

We will tour the Oxford University Press, one of the world’s oldest publishers, in the morning. Lunch on your own.

We will tour the Bodleian Library at 1:30pm, one of the oldest libraries in Europe and home of the first single-language English dictionary ever published.

We will meet with Prof. David Deutsch at 4pm at the Constructor Theory group at Oxford University.

Group dinner in Oxford.

Depart Oxford at 7:40pm
Arrive in London at 9:30pm
Wed 6/5/19
Depart London at 10:10am from Victoria Coach Station
Arrive in Oxford at 12:10pm at Oxford Bus Station

Lunch in Oxford.

Tour the Museum of the History of Science at Oxford, home of the Marconi radio collection. Lunch in Oxford. Explore Oxford on your own in the afternoon.

Depart Oxford at 6:40pm
Arrive in London at 8:30pm
Thu 6/6/19
We will visit King’s College from 9-11am and meet with Prof Mischa Dohler from the Department of Informatics. Kings College is where James Clerk Maxwell did much of his work on electricity and magnetism.

Lunch at King’s College.

We will visit Westminster Abbey at 1:30pm. This is the burial place of Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, Stephen Hawking, and many other notable people.

Dinner on your own and free time.
Fri 6/7/19
Depart London at 9:49am from London Euston
Arrive in Bletchley at 10:24am

Tour Bletchley Park, site where the enigma code was broken during WWII. Lunch at Bletchley.

Depart Bletchley at 4:47pm
Arrive in London at 5:25pm

Dinner on your own and free time.
Sat 6/8/19
We will visit the Science Museum in the morning. This is the home of Charles Babbage’s Difference Engine No. 1, Crick and Watson’s DNA model, and the first Apple computer.

Lunch and afternoon on your own.

In the evening we will go and see Agatha Christie's The Mousetrap at the St Martins Theatre. Play starts at 7:30pm.
Sun 6/9/19
Free day.
Mon 6/10/19
Depart London at 8:30am from Victoria Coach Station
Arrive in Cambridge at 10:50am at

11:30am - Tour the Centre for Computing History.

Lunch in Cambridge.

3pm - Cambridge University Guided Walking Tour with at Graduate.

Dinner in Cambridge.

Depart Cambridge at 6:50pm
Arrive in London at 8:50pm
Tue 6/11/19
We will meet with the Cognitive Science Research Group at Queen Mary University of London in the morning.

Lunch at Queen Mary University followed by a tour.

Evening: Dinner on your own and free time.
Wed 6/12/19
Breakfast at PubLove, and then departures to the airport.
Thu 6/13/19

Fri 6/14/19