Shereen Khoja - Associate Professor of Computer Science

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Schedule: Fall 2014

CS 150-03 MWF 8-8:50am
CS 150-02
MWF 9:15-10:05am
CS 150 -02 Lab
T 1-2:15pm
CS 130 MW 2:15-3:50pm
CS 493
TTh 9:40-10:30am

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Current Projects

Girls Gather for Computer Science

A 4-week long non-residential computer science camp for 7th and 8th grade girls will begin in June 2011. Female instructors will engage campers with an original curriculum that emphasizes computational thinking within an active learning environment.

Each week of the camp will have a technology theme (game programming, robotics, health applications, forensics, etc.) and include one or two field trips to local companies such as Flying Rhinoceros, Intel, or Vernier Software and Technology.

This project is a partnership between Pacific University, Oregon Public Broadcasting, and the Berglund Center for Internet Studies. Supported by NSF grant number 0940545.

Girls Gather for Computer Science

An RSS Feed Analysis Application and Corpus Builder

The RSS Feed Analysis Application and Corpus Builder is a software application that downloads given RSS feeds and compiles them into a corpus. The user simply supplies RSS feed addresses and the application automatically connects to the feeds, downloads them, and strips any formatting tags.

The application incorporates the Expat XML parser to identify the tags in the RSS feeds, and the users have the flexibility to define what they would like to keep and what is to be stripped.

The application was tested on a project to analyse Middle Eastern Blogs. Thirty-seven blogs were downloaded using the RSS Feed Analyser and compiled into a corpus of 131,836 words.